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Being a computer tech and network administrator by trade, I can't go to a party without getting asked some computer questions. This does not really bother me, but I have decided to set up a page with some links to software that I use that helps to solve some common problems. The main criteria for my links is that it must be freeware. Although Freeware does not solve the world's problems, it does often solve one small one. These are all things that I have tried and use myself on a frequent basis. All these items are listed as free to home users. Some are ok to use in commercial environments, others are not.  Some require a registration on line, but it is free to use them. Read the licenses first if you have any questions. There is nothing fancy about this page, it is not supposed to be. It is just a way to quickly get to what you need.

To help, one thing that can be done, keep your computer up to date. That helps very much. If you have Microsoft Windows XP, set it for automatic updates.



  • SpyBot - Search and Destroy: Anti-Spy-Ware - Probably one of the most insidious things out there. Often times hiding as something useful like a calendar or clock program. They can cause more havoc on a computer then just about anything. After installing, be sure you go to Search for updates and do the updates. Also go to immunize and then do a scan. I run a scan on my system at least weekly, checking for updates each time. 
  • Ad-Aware: Another Anti-Spyware program. When used in conjunction with SpyBot, can be either great or a problem. Spybot and it can fight at times and delete each others files. If you are removing the stuff they find and don't plan to recover any of it, there is no problems.  But if you run the both, and then say, "Oops, shouldn't have deleted that." things can get ugly. But on the whole, a very good program. 
  • Not a program, but a website that delves into spyware better then I can here. :) Has some links to multiple Anti-Spyware programs. Good information.
  • Pop-up Stopper: A free program to halt most of those annoying popups.  Strangely enough, it also helps stop some of the things that SpyBot removes from ever  getting loaded. If you do need to have a pop-up windows work, you simply hold the control key when you click on the link.
  • CWShredder: By TrendMicro.  Generally fixes those problems where you get all those porn icons you can't get rid of, and you can't change your homepage.
  • Anti-Vir: Nothing beats a good Anti-Virus program. Anti-Vir is actually a free one. It does not automatically update, but it does remind you to update every 2 weeks. It does function well for what it is, free. While I still recommend purchasing a more robust package, this one will at least help most home users.
  • Avast Antivirus: Another free antivirus for home use.
  • Stinger: Produced by McAfee, this handy little utility will scan for the most current viruses. If you have been hit, this will generally help fix your system up.
  • Belarc: Not really a tool, but it does tell you what you have loaded in your system, including hardware and software. It will also list license numbers for some software. I find this especially useful when trying to track down what software someone has loaded.
  • PC-Pit Stop: A diagnostic page. Helps to discover minor configuration issues with your PC. Try the free tune-up listed.
  • About Time: Do you want to synchronize your clock to the Naval Observatory? Or create a Time Server to synchronize all your PC's to one time? This is the perfect little program. And all the author asks is that you care. You take a few minutes out of your day, don't think about yourself, and just care about someone else for a few minutes.
  • Driver Guide: Need a driver, this site has most of them, and has and easy to use search engine.
  • Google: When all else fails, a good Google Search generally finds some information for you.  And while there, try the new Google Desktop Search.  I fell in love with it.  It indexes the information on your hard drive so you can search. Lost that file about Maine Coon Cats, simple, type in Maine Coon Cats in the new tool bar it adds, and it brings up the info on your hard drive that has those words in i


I cannot be held liable if you use these products and make a complete and total mess of your computer. It can be done, I know, I have done it. Everything I tell people not to do, I have done it. Why? you ask. So I can find out if it is as bad as I have heard. The answer is "Yes."  I generally have to rebuild my machine twice a year, at least, because of all the stuff I have done to it.  Worse part is, I do it on purpose. 


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