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For one very wonderful week (July 22-29) I was blessed to be able to accompany St. James Lutheran Church on their annual High School youth outing. This year was trip to the boundary waters.  Those who went were Kelly, Nyssa, Maria, Kaitlyn, Bud, Jake, David, Craig, Pastor John (My Brother) and myself. It was the best week of the summer!  I will always carry with me the memories that happened that week. Watching our groups pull together and make the best of everything, while we saw groups from other places fight and argue. True courage was shown, and was true compassion.  Below are just some of the many wonderful pictures and memories that were had.  They are in no particular order.

Craig and I "got stuck" with the girls (The Guys and Dolls). While PJ (For those who don't know, that stands for Pastor John, I just call him John) was with the boys.  Somehow, though, the boys always found their way to our camp. Must be that we were the most fun.

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Kelly finally saw her moose.

Lunch in Canada

Loaded with Canoes

Our first lunch on the lakes

Misc. Nighttime Picture

"Guys and Dolls", last morning, last campsite.

Maria and Kelly get ready to portage.

PJ and Jake at dam portage.

We just can't figure out what is wrong here.

Maria carries a canoe on her own, while Jake looks on in shock.

Oh Canada! Our foray into Canada, just after eating wild blueberries.

As usual, John is telling Tom how to run his life.  :)

"PJ's Angels" paint the old Food Shelf at Prince Of Peace in Burnsville, MN

David helps Bud on with his pack. But who is the bald guy? I know I have hair.

Here is the group at the "Big Fish" in Rush City.

Kelly saws some wood for our camp fire.

Kaitlyn and Maria enjoy a bit of rest

Dinner Time!

The view

More of the View

Craig starts one of the camp fires.

I didn't see any pictographs, just a picture of a moose.

PJ and Tom did go swimming. Nyssa contemplates the effect it will have on the fish.

One of my favorite pictures. This is our final campsite, as depicted by some of the gals on the trip.


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