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November 28th, 2005, I turned, Gasp, of all Gasps, 40.  The way I figure it, now I have an excuse to act crazy.  Call it "Mid Life Crisis"  :)

Well, here are the things that have happened to me. 


At Lester's Over Thanksgiving.  I hated that candle holder. It played Happy Birthday in the most annoying way.  :)

At My Office. Thanks Mark and Janet.
Geek Birthday Party.

The evening was a complete success and a lot of fun for everyone.  We laughed late into the evening. Well, late for us old folks. As you will see from the pictures, much fun and frivolity was had.

A highlight of the evenings festivities

Classic 80's geeks stuff. Atari, 8-track, and a slideshow of pictures of me.

And the cake Karen Klein made for me.

Cool idea. Everyone there signed this, and a picture from the evening will be placed in it.

The "Main Geek" arrives


Tom and Ryan, classic geeks.

Geek Test. Needless to say, Curt Buddy cleaned up and won.

We played "Help the nerd get sum tail" by pinning little nerds on the girl. (Don't ask how I got lei-ed)

Some things are just best left unanswered

DaKarens.JPG (1309298 bytes)

Karen Klein and Karen Renneke

CurtBuddy.JPG (3433372 bytes)

Curt won the "Get the nerd sum tail" but it doesn't surprise us, since he is the most recent to find a girlfriend

Mary.JPG (1104498 bytes)

And Speaking of that, Mary had the best line of the evening. During the geek test, she turns to Curt and said, "You mean there is another one of you?"

Us in our Nerd outfits. Curt forgot to dress up, but nobody noticed.

FairyWand.JPG (3757449 bytes)

No comment necessary.

PapaMark.JPG (1463945 bytes)

Mark Renneke even got into the act.


Ryan.JPG (545138 bytes)

Is it Ryan, or my father? They seem to dress alike.

ThoseSocks.JPG (621089 bytes)

Right down to those socks. (Love ya Dad)

Just offered up as proof.  One of the pictures from my slide show. (Thanks, Lester)

Warren.JPG (3239246 bytes)

Warren, you never looked better.

Nerdette.JPG (1633738 bytes)

Our Main "Nerdette", Ali. She had no fun that evening, can't you tell.




TOMI IS 40!!!


Come celebrate the aging of our friend Mr. Thomas Backus.


THEME: This will be a Computer GEEK/NERD Pot Luck party!!! Please dress as your favorite GEEK/NERD (We wonder how many “boogers” will show up??)

WHEN: Saturday, December 3, in the year of our Lord 2005  


WHERE: Stone Grove Apartments-PARTY ROOM

PROVIDED: Plates, Glasses, Utensils, Chips/Salsa, Ice & 40 year old CAKE

PLEASE BRING: Dish to pass, BYOBeverages (NO ALCHOL), misc. snacks & GIFTS for the old man!!!

DIRECTIONS: See email attachments



By 30NOV05:

Don't worry, Ryan, I woudn't put your e-mail

 or phone on my web page.  :)


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