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General Pictures


This page is for Jenn.  When your web host provider is as wonderful as she is, when she wants pictures, you give her pictures.  :)  Click on picture for full size version.

Dad and Mom Wedding Picture

Mom, Liz's Aunt Ev, John (With Hatchet) Lester


Tom, as a kid, eating, I believe, Apple Jacks out of my Log Bowl


Liz, John, Tom,Eileen, Stephen, Lester, Chuck, Chris

John, Stephen, Eileen, Chuck, Lester, Tom

Lester's Wedding


Eileen and Lester



Obligitory Boat Picture

Obligatory picture of my cat: Charlie

Tom on an old John Deere.

Tom with Doug and David Oechsle before Ryan and Ali's Wedding

Tom with Alison Lehn.  Uh, well, soon to be Alison Renneke

Group prayer just before the Wedding. (Really Ryan, I didn't follow the camera)

Look, I really do dance! (just not well)

The Star Wars Boys:

Ryan Renneke
Nathan Oechsle,
David Oechsle

Our First Snowman,

When I visited Lester's School

Learning to ride a bike

Dad and Me.

Backus Boys with the camper (Compare to boat

Lester, Scooter, and I.  (Scooter is the collie)



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